February Freezer Cooking Day

What a learning experience this Once a Month Cooking has become for me!  I am still learning how best to plan and organize the recipes as well as actually carrying out the cooking in the most productive and efficient way.  Today was definitely more productive than last time!  I can definitely tell you from past experience, this is not something you want to try to just wing your way through!  Plan. Plan. Plan!
I started last Thursday picking out recipes and making lists of necessary ingredients, but I had to wait until pay day this weekend to be able to actually run pick everything up.  I was very careful to plan for recipes with similar ingredients to somewhat limit the expense also, which seemed to work out well. 
Here’s what I managed to get accomplished today:
The casserole on the bottom (Hashbrown Casserole) was our dinner tonight! Yum! Yum!
The end result – notice the already eaten loaf of banana bread! Can you tell that hubs and the kiddos were around while I was cooking??
When all the food was bagged, wrapped, and in the freezer, I tackled a couple loads of the dishes, and then headed straight to a hot bubble bath for my poor tired feet!  What a day!! But it feels so good to know I actually managed to get to everything on my list, and that my husband and children will not go hungry while I am gone this weekend!
Thanks to Money Saving Mom and Life As Mom for hosting these Freezer Cooking Days!

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