March Freezer Cooking Day

Surprisingly enough, today actually went fairly close to plan!  After a meeting with a middle school science teacher in reference to my oldest son’s grades {blah!}, and then running a couple errands to grab some more last minute ingredients, I made it back home a little before noon.
I had set my meat out to thaw this morning before I left, so I started browning it first, along with some fresh garlic and some chopped onion.  I also started boiling the noodles and the rice.  While those things were cooking on the stove top, I mixed up four batches of cornbread muffins and got them in the oven.  Once the muffins were baking away, it was time to mix up both the casseroles I had planned – two of each one.  Seriously, these recipes were so easy, and they smelled so good! I can’t wait to pull one out of the freezer to bake for dinner one night next week!
With the casseroles assembled and in the freezer containers, it was time to put the Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists together.  I tweaked the recipe just a bit and added in some cinnamon along with the brown sugar.  Boy, did these smell absolutely wonderful while they were baking!!  Yummy!!  While the twists were getting all warm and bubbly, I mixed up two batches of chocolate chip muffins – the last thing on my list!
I also had thawed out an extra package of ground deer burger and mixed up a BBQ flavored meatloaf for our dinner tonight.  It’s in the oven now, along with some nearly perfect baking potatoes I picked up at Aldi over the weekend.  We will also have one of the four batches of cornbread muffins and some steamed veggies, for a yummy well-balanced meal!!
Did you plan a cooking day for today? How did it go? What yummy things did you cook up?

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