Frugal Furniture Fail

You know me – I’m super frugal, or at least I try to be!  So when a friend of mine told me she was getting rid of her table and chairs set, I immediately jumped on the opportunity!  FREE?! And a chance to redo some furniture?! I am so there!

The table and chairs before the make-over

Because the “porch and deck paint” I had purchased for my wicker furniture redo had worked so very well, I decided to use it again for the kitchen table set.  It is an oil-based paint with its own poly coat mixed in, and truly seemed perfect for the wear and tear our family table and chairs will endure.  Off to Lowe’s Hubby went to get more of the same paint we had used before!

Problem – the paint came from Home Depot and not Lowe’s. Easy fix though; right? He just asked them to mix the same type paint and match it to the “Black Suede” we had before. The only problem?? Nope. Simply the first of many!!

When Hubby came home with the paint and quickly sprayed on the first coat, we stepped back to admire it. Only it wasn’t Black Suede. It was more of a dingy charcoal gray.  After an hour of drying, it was still GRAY. After two more trips back to Lowe’s to have them add more black to the paint, it was. still. GRAY!

It seemed the only solution to this issue was to go then to Home Depot and have them mix the paint, which we did. Problem with that – we had now spent nearly $50 on paint for this frugal furniture makeover! #FAIL

Next problem… Even though we carefully sanded each piece of the set, there was still some remaining lacquer or treatment on the wood that did not mix well with our paint.  The oil-base paint we were using would. NOT. dry!  Hubby and I even brought the chairs inside to see if the heat and humidity was to blame for the issue…

Lovely smudges and smears in the still-not-dry paint

{Enter next mistake}Duh! Carrying the furniture inside not only led to smudges and mishaps in the paint on the chairs, but it also meant that there was a great likelihood that the paint would be dripped, tracked, and smudged all throughout our house… which it was. #FAIL

More smudges in paint and “drops” on the floor :(

Since we picked up the table just a few days before my family was supposed to arrive for their visit, and me being the not-so-patient person that I am, I was very determined to get the sanding, painting and re-staining done to the set before the family arrived.  I was certain we could get it all done and have it dry in time for us to all gather ’round for dinner the night of their arrival. Um, no!

It was sanded, painted, and stained prior to their arrival.  We did all sit at the table, and in the chairs.  But the stubborn paint was still not dry, so we also wore the black paint after dinner. #UNBELIEVABLE AND EMBARRASSING FAIL

At least the final product looks nice… from a distance!

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  1. says

    Yikes! We’ve had our own painting nightmares. My husband had to sand off polyurethane that wouldn’t dry & gummed up (due to bad paint counter advice) on both exterior doors.

  2. says

    Awwww, that is a sin! I envy all these bloggers who can do amazing re-do’s. I am a painting disaster!

    Stop by and visit me over at Free 2 Be Frugal sometime soon…we are back up and running once again!

  3. says

    Ugh… That stinks when you have such a great vision for a project, and it doesn’t work the way you’d hoped. But you’re right – the finished product does look nice from a distance!

    • Mandy says

      It is fixable… even though disappointing right now… we’ll do the touch-ups at some point, when the frustration fades! Lol

    • Mandy says

      Ugh is right! Don’t you just hate it?! I will eventually sand it down and fix the smudges… need a break from it first though. Lol

  4. Andrea says

    but it does look great…thank you so much for posting this. I have not painted any furniture yet, but I am looking all the time for ideas. It’s very usefull to let us know what can go wrong. I love you site!!


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