Top Ten Reasons to Pray Today

I know that Top Ten Tuesday is usually reserved for upbeat and fun-loving posts, but I felt compelled this morning to share a list of prayer requests near and dear to my heart. I hope you all don’t mind…

  1. Phoebe, a sweet friend and one of our contributors, as her mother’s health is rapidly failing
  2. Sidnie, another precious friend and contributor, as her soldier put his deployment boots on again this morning
  3. Kristen, an offline friend, whose little boy is struggling with a staph infection and her Navy hubby is away from home
  4. Michael, a complete stranger we met through a divine appointment, who is desperately in need of the Savior
  5. Connie, and her amazing family, as they are still finding their way through an unexpected layoff
  6. Melissa, whose daughter is having an emergency appendectomy today
  7. Us, as we pray fervently for our home in GA to sell quickly
  8. So many friends and family members with health issues or sickness today
  9. Many military families being affected by the changes in benefits and pay {including us}
  10. Along with numbers 7 and 9, our family and the decisions we have to make in the near future

If you pray, please remember these requests today. I know each person on the list would be forever grateful!

This list of prayer needs will be linked to Top Ten Tuesday at OhAmanda.


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