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Hi y’all!

This month, the area I am going to be focusing on is my home office. Our office is currently located in the basement, in a nice, big room. My hubby and I each have our own desk and computer (poor Americans!), and a walk-in closet to house the stuff I sell online. Well, our college girl is not going to be living on campus this year. Rather, to save us tuition money, she is moving back home and into the basement, and our current office will become her new bedroom. Our new office space will be moved upstairs to the nice, small guest room.

My hubby’s L-shaped desk, bookcase, file hutch, his desk chair, one of the computers, and the printers and scanner (we are getting an all-in-one Canon PIXMA) will be sold on Craigslist. What IS going back in the room is my L-shaped desk, my desk chair, a bench, and a smaller etagere’ as a bookshelf. That’s it. Oh, and no walk-in closet for my on-line selling stuff.

So, naturally, I am searching catalog sites, blogs, and Pinterest for ideas to maximize the space on the walls of the 9′ x 10′ room. I have found a plethora (I sound so intelligent when I use this word; don’t I?) of magnificently amazing ideas! I am not sure I can use all of them, so I thought I’d share them with you.

So relax, rest and read:

What I love about this space is that the desk isn’t pushed into the corner. This room belongs to Marsha at The Savvy Photographer Blog.ย Not only does Marsha have a beautiful office, she has a wonderful eye for photography! Her husband is in the Navy and they just moved to Japan.

This wall pocket and chalkboard wall comes to us via Better Homes & Gardens in a series called Ideas for Strategic Organization and Storage. Our office will have these. I like being able to catch the school papers, mail, coupons, and paper bits in each person’s own pocket so THEY can manage their own ephemera.

Kathryn Bechen’s office is simply beautiful! With a slip-covered chair, a French-ish desk, and lots of organizing boxes and baskets that hide paper, this space is cozy and composed!

One of my biggest pet peeves and hardest thing to figure out how to hide is all the cords that come with all office equipment. Are yours laying on the floor under or next to your desk? Mine, too! Melissa, of Seagrass Interiors says about her pet peeve area: “From a standing position you can see one outlet with a single chord. We built a track system that sits right below the desk top. It’s almost like a trough that cradles all of our chords.” This solution will be implemented in my office.

The front of our desk’s file drawers are covered in wainscoting, but, if they were plain and flat and ugly, like this…

I would do this to them.

Isn’t that pretty? Anaglypta wallpaper, trim, and paint is what Ally at Laughing at the Days used. She shows you how in THIS POST.

What if all you have is a spare closet to make an office from? This is what Deb Nelson did for a client of hers. Brilliant!

Blogs and coffee. Favorites of mine. So is etsy, andย this print from Jennifer Ramos will find its way into a frame and onto one of my shelves.

How about you? Could you use any of these ideas?

I actually don’t mind having to switch spaces with Miss College girl. I am looking forward to re-making our space so it is organized, simplified, and prettified!

If you’d like to see more office ideas, I invite you to visit my Pinterest page.

Happy Home Making!


    • says

      I love the print too, Jenny! Think it would be fabulous in my “coffee-themed” kitchen! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yes, the shelf for the cords – duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!?

  1. Sara says

    let it be known that the office you first posted does not belong to some photographer named Mandy but rather the photographer Katelyn James based in VA. Have your facts straight before giving that office credit to someone else.

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