R & R Month: Frugal Family Fun

This is the final post from our team for our Read and Relax month! I hope you have enjoyed all the extra links {and pictures} thisĀ  month! And I hope you had plenty of time to read, relax, and refresh! ;)

This month, Pinterest has made finding Frugal Family Fun ideas to share really easy for me! Here’s a glimpse at some of my favorite ideas floating around the internet…

Make a Paper Plate Ring Toss from a paper towel roll and paper plates. Such an easy idea!


Make a Marble Run Race Track out of a Pool Noodle (they should be on Clearance now!) My son and I made one and it occupied him for HOURS!


Have your kids make Masking Tape Letter Art for their room. Pop it in a dollar store frame and voila! (My son and I are doing this with watercolors instead of markers.)


Enjoy a walk around the neighborhood and a Scavenger Hunt at the same time! Print the FREE Scavenger Hunt Cards from Smashed Peas and Carrots. This will come in handy when our new baby arrives and we need to get out of the house…without loading everyone up in the van.


Enjoy your Frugal Family Fun!

{If you missed any of the Read and Relax~ing, you can catch up here!}

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